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Just like good food and exercise for your body, your finances need regular workouts to keep fit.

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This was a reality check. It made me realise where we stand financially. I really want to set better goals for the future to get more Financially Fit!


Which One are You?

  • Staying Afloat

    Staying Afloats are barely making it until the next pay. They spend as much as they earn, or more, and always seem to be behind. This can change!

  • In-the-Thick-of-it

    In-the-thick-of-its are doing the daily grind. They can meet their bills and take a holiday, but struggle to dream and often fail to plan for the future.

  • Sitting Comfy

    Sitting Comfys manage to put savings aside and even invest some of their money in shares, property, or cash. But they still stress about money and feel limited in how they live.

  • Money Master

    Money Masters have their money working for them. They play to their strengths, love what they do and have no stress when it comes to their money. It’s possible!

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