Next event 2nd Nov 2017!



  • Thursday, 2nd November
  • BlueChilli, 125 York Street, Sydney
  • 6:15pm Registration
  • 6:30pm - 8:30pm Event


Do you desire to create passive income?

You work hard for your money so that you can support your lifestyle. Earning money shouldn't detract from your lifestyle. But many of us feel stuck in jobs that don't are unsuitable for our lives well and sometimes even leave us with less income than we feel we need.

"How to Create Income that suits your Lifestyle" is another powerful Wealth Workout which will help you identify which income stream is best to focus on increasing now (your main salary, you business income and/or your investment income) and will help you explore strategies to do just that.


Why do people regularly come to Wealth Workouts?

"If you believe in training your body.. why not train your money and your mind too?"

  • Be part of a Vibrant Community

  • Grow your Wealth

  • Educate yourself

Wealth Workouts are live, dynamic community events run to help people get in control of their finances and to live purpose-driven lives. Most of us never learnt this stuff at school. It's such a shame. But our minds are always ready to learn, and we need to exercise our money just as much as we need to exercise our bodies. We want you as part of this movement - we can't wait to see you there.

Become a Member of our Community!

We want you as part of our community!
Our Wealth Workouts are completely free for members. Even better, we keep our membership so affordable that you'll wonder where is the catch. But there is no catch. We just value our people!


All public events run by Innovative Wealth Management are educational in nature and are not intended to be or purport any form of personal advice. It is important that you consult your personal financial advice before acting on anything you might hear or learn at an event we host or facilitate.